Waec 2018 Biology Practical answer solutions

WAEC 2018 English language

A- lives in stagnant water
B- lives in Leftovers food
A- into mosquito 
B- into fly
A-arthuropoda (phylum insecta (class)
B-arthuropoda (phylum insecta (class)

specimen A
i)it has bristles
ii)it has horny jaw
iii)it has siphon
specimen B
i)it has a hook
ii)it has mouth
iii)it has spiracle

In a tabular form
Under A
i) It has not got a hook 
ii) It has a bristle. 
iii) It has siphon 
iv) It has mouth brush. 

Under B
i) It has a hook 
ii) It doesn’t have a bristle. 
iii) It does not have siphon.
iv) It does not have mouth brush. 

i) They are both segmented organisms. 
ii) They both have mouth.
iii) Both have thorax

A- Fish
B- mammal
E- flowering plant
they are used for respiration
i)possession of two rows of fine finger like filament
ii)possession of gill rakers
iii)possession of richly supplied blood capillaries

i)they both are supplied with capillaries
ii)both of them are used for respiration

In a tabular form; Specimen C and specimen D

Under specimen C
() Possession of gill rakers. 
ii) Possession of gill filament.
iii) Possession of gill arch.

Under specimen D
i) Possession of bronchus.
ii) Possession of alveoli. 
iii) Possession of alveolar cavity.

Draw the 6cm-8cm long of specimen C ie Gill of fish

ai) Sepals, Petals, Carpels and Stamens
ii) Sepals – 5
iii) Petals – 5
iv) Carpels – 1
v) Stamen – 10

4bi) Sex – monoecious 
ii) presence of both Carpels and Stamens

i – Bilateral
ii – it can be cut vertically into two similar halves through one plane

K – insect
L – wind
Specimen K
i)it has flower stalk
ii)it has petal
iii)it has a style
iv)it has receptacle

specimen L
i)it has root
ii)it has leaves
iii)it has a stem
iv)it has a bud

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